To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.

Lao Tzu

Glory and honour await you in the battle arena! Face your enemies and strike quickly, just as your opponents strive to crush you in fierce space combat!

Your mind is your greatest weapon: devise a strategy; plan your tactics and engage your adversaries!

Can you predict how your enemies will strike? Can you outwit your foes? Discover your true self in a battle for the ultimate supremacy.

Rules of Engagement

The battle is played out on a grid with obstacles through a succession of rounds. Each round consists of 3 phases. Unlike most turn based strategy games, players must perform their moves simultaneously.

Phase 1: Strategy

At the beginning of each round players are given a short opportunity to observe the play arena and think about the strategy they wish to use.

Phase 2: Tactical

After deciding on a strategy players have a limited time to enter up to 5 sequential commands they want their ship to follow including movement, attack and defence.

Phase 3: Engagement

The player's ship follows the tactical commands from the previous phase in an effort to defend themselves and destroy opponents.

Pity the warrior who slays all his foes.

Klingon Honour Guard



Raise shields to defend against laser attacks. Shields last 4 turns (including the turn the shields are raised). If you raise shields in the last turn of a round, they will still be up for the remaining turns in the next round.


Fire your lasers to destroy your opponent. If you fire your lasers while your shields are up, then your shields will drop to allow firing. You can not raise your shields again until the initial shield turns have passed.


Any collision with an asteroid will destroy a player, regardless of shield state. Two players colliding will mutually destroy each other unless only one has their shields raised. In this case the player with their shields raised will survive.


Remaining idle will allow your energy reserves to recharge. Shields will still consume energy, but the offset from the idle recharge will result in a lower rate of depletion.

Current Development Status

is under development and currently in closed beta.

Current development is focussing on the delivery of multi-player control.

Of course, there is much more planned, be sure to follow @TacticalLimitSG on twiter and the Tactical Limit Facebook Page!