Glory and honour await you in the battle arena! Face your enemies and strike quickly, just as your opponents strive to crush you in fierce space combat!

Your mind is your greatest weapon: devise a strategy; plan your tactics and engage your adversaries!

Can you predict how your enemies will strike? Can you outwit your foes? Discover your true self in a battle for the ultimate supremacy.

is a fast paced, turn based strategy game set in the depths of space!

Players have a short amount of time to plan their strategy before entering up to 5 tactical commands they want their ships to follow in the engagement phase.

The battle is played out on a grid with obstacles over a succession of rounds. Each round consists of 3 phases. Unlike most turn based strategy games, players must perform their moves simultaneously.

Phase 1: Strategy

At the beginning of each round players are given a short opportunity to observe the play arena and think about the strategy they wish to use.

Phase 2: Tactical

After deciding on a strategy players have a limited time to enter up to 5 sequential commands they want their ship to follow including movement, attack and defence.

Phase 3: Engagement

The player's ship follows the tactical commands from the previous phase in an effort to defend themselves and destroy opponents.


Tactical Limit began as an idea in November 2015 to scratch an itch of wanting a short, easy to learn multi-player gamethat didn't require a lot of time to get into, but could be played either casually or in a more competitive tournament style.



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Team and Repeating Collaborators

Michael McHugh

Project Lead, Creator, Lead Programmer.

Sorawit Naitoe

User Experience (UX), Tester.


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